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Chara hanamori


Hanamori is the Koibuchi family's chauffeur and a childhood friend of Shu Koibuchi. He is a Mercedes-Benz enthusiast. He easily caves under pressure, bribery, or requests from people with an afro. A smooth-talker who loves to flirt, he's more self-centered than not despite a solid streak of decency. He bears the distinction of being the only male allowed freely in and out of Amamizukan. In the Japanese he is voiced by Koyasu Takehito (a casting choice that ended up leading to the author's marriage to a fan of his—Vol. 13 extra) and in the English dub, he is voiced by Christopher Bevins[1].






He is old friends with Shuu Koibuchi, though their relationship seems to now be that of employer and interfering employee.

Another old friend is Sugimoto, whom he also works with. Hanamori tells Keiichiro Koibuchi that he and Sugimoto took an abacus class together.

Hanamori becomes a sort of honorary male Amars. He gets along with all of them and joins in on a number of their projects, including the fashion show and the costumed anti-development protest.


When she is dressed up for the fashion show, Hanamori flirts with Mayaya. This includes his dramatic catching of her when she falls onstage.

Hanamori goes out on multiple dates with Nisha. He, in fact, asks herout as soon as he sees her and usurps the reservation he'd made for Shuu and Tsukimi at a fancy restaurant for their first date.




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*He is the only male allowed at Amamizukan.

*He cannot refuse a person with an afro.


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