Shoko is a landshark who tricks Shū Koibuchi into thinking they slept together. After getting hit for pulling a prank on him that made him think she was committing suicide over his rejection, she begins to develop feelings for Shuu. She likes to use outdated phrases from the 80's.  In English, she is voiced by Jamie Marchi[1].


Shoko is hard-working and cynical. She has a hard-hitting reputation, which she states is why she was assigned to the Amamizu Redevelopment project. She is not opposed to using underhanded methods to succeed in her job, like trading sex for favors or using blackmail.In addition to seduction games and bullying phone calls, Inari's determination to close deals includes bribery and international travel, as she makes multiple trips out of the country to persuade Chieko's mother into selling Amamizukan.

The only thing she seems not to succeed at is ending her crush on Shuu.


Shoko qualifies as one of the Stylish. Professionally, she dresses business-casual with a touch of sensuality that she amps up when she feels the occasion calls for it.

She has long reddish-brown hair, a slim figure, and a mole on her face beside her mouth. Her height is average-to-tall.




Live action movieEdit

In the movie Shoko Inari is portrayed by Katase Nana.

Shoko Inari Katase Nana




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