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Chapter 21. ERChapter 22. Some Like it Hot?Chapter 23. The Rose of Versailles?
Chapter 24. Close Encounters of the Third KindChapter 25. Deep ImpactChapter 26. Rock Me Hamlet!
Chapter 27. The Big BlueChapter 28. Jellydog MillionaireChapter 29. White Sandcastle
Chapter 3. Sukiyaki Western DjangoChapter 30. DeceptionChapter 31. Dolly Girls
Chapter 32. Amars: Countdown to DestructionChapter 33. 007/From Amamizukan with LoveChapter 34. Party Monster
Chapter 35. ShowgirlsChapter 36. A Clockwork AmarsChapter 37. Gossip Girl
Chapter 38. The OrphanageChapter 39. The Secret in Their EyesChapter 4. Enchanted
Chapter 40. Jellyfish: The Dancing MaharajaChapter 41. 007/ The Spy Who Loved MeChapter 42. Confessions of a Shopaholic!
Chapter 43. And Then There Were NoneChapter 44. If She Looks Back is it Love?Chapter 45. For the Sake of Others
Chapter 46. Girls Just Wanna Have FunChapter 47. Monsieur HireChapter 48. My Date with Shuu-Shuu
Chapter 49. About a PureboyChapter 5. Vampires from AmarsChapter 50. The Dining Belle and the Jellyfish
Chapter 51. The Sorcerer's Younger BrotherChapter 52. Casual Line?Chapter 53. Children of Men
Chapter 54. Shuu, Tsukimi, and the AmarsChapter 55. Exhibition for GeeksChapter 56. Toxic Jellyfish Princess
Chapter 57. Jellyfish, Dyed BlackChapter 58. Fashion War: Asia's LeaderChapter 59. The President of Fish is Here! Yaa, yaa, yaa!
Chapter 6. Take Me Out to the AquariumChapter 60. Singapore ThrillingChapter 61. The Little Match Girl
Chapter 62. Feel Free to Call MeChapter 63. Midnight FlightChapter 64. Far Away and Always With You
Chapter 65. The Lord of the RingsChapter 66. Last PartyChapter 67. Catch Her If You Can
Chapter 68. Cinderella: Time Won't Turn BackChapter 69. A Box, White Shirt, and MeChapter 7. Clear and Present Danger
Chapter 70. The Devil Wears a White ShirtChapter 71. Good Jellyfish HuntingChapter 72. In the Pool
Chapter 73. EarthChapter 74. The Wolf of Singapore StreetChapter 75. Jellyfish Up in the Tower
Chapter 76. The Monster of SingaporeChapter 77. Casino RoyaleChapter 78. Singapore Deep
Chapter 79. Dinner for AmarsChapter 8. I Want to Be a JellyfishChapter 80. Shall We Marry?
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