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Kai Fish is an orphan who rose to the top of the fashion industry in Asia. His preferred language is English, though he knows Chinese and some Japanese. He is extremely wealthy and powerful, and is a known womanizer. He has an ability to quickly assess people and fashion. He is the only person to immediately recognize Tsukimi dressed up, though the first time he saw her he mistook her for a young child.


Kai is intelligent and calculating. He enjoys having fun and can roll with things, but he primarily likes to get his own way.

It's uncertain to what degree he has genuine feeling toward other people. His oldest companion gets treated like a servant, and he has very little tolerance toward the bad attitude of the woman he's currently sleeping with.

Contrary to his treatment of Kiki and Hwa-Young, he has shown some consideration toward Tsukimi. He took into account Tsukimi's discomfort with their fancy evening plans and immediately changed them to make her feel more at ease.


Kai always appears well-dressed, unsurprisingly. He is tall with long black hair and a handsome face.



  • Kai and Hwa-Young grew up together in the same orphanage and since then she has never left his side. Though they are not related, the two have shared a lifelong bond.


  • Having known Kai since childhood, Hwa-Young is the oldest friend he has.
  • Alex is an employee, but he's also the person Kai chose to have a fun time showing Tsukimi Singapore with. The fact that Alex asks "the usual place?" suggests they have had outings together before.


  • Hwa-Young clearly has feelings for Kai Fish, though it is unclear whether they ever dated.
  • Kiki is the latest in Kai's string of lovers. He doesn't seem particularly into her, but when blackmailed has agreed to spend the night.
  • Kai considers Tsukimi to be young and inexperienced, but this doesn't stop him from being her first kiss.





  • His first appearance in the Kuragehime/Princess Jellyfish manga is in Volume 11, Chapter 55.


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