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The quietest of the group, Jiji has a love for mature or old men. She has a tendency to "blend into the background" as Kuranosuke states and is often ignored when she does speak up, especially when commenting about old men that she sees.  In the English dub, she is voiced by Leah Clark[1].


She is quiet and introverted. Generally she keeps to herself, apart from expressing attraction to older men.  

Though Kuranosuke initially refers to her as the one who fades into the background, Jiji shows the most strength. She takes some time to reflect and finds it within herself to step up to do hard, thankless work in order to help out the group. She also pushes back when Kuranosuke becomes too possessive of Tsukimi, letting him know that he's not respecting her right to make her own choices. 


She is a pale girl with glasses and a choppy bob. She is seen wearing a pink button up shirt, brown pant shorts, and a beige sweater with green details, along with white socks and blue shoes.



Jiji's only shown family member is her teen brother. He is inadvertently the reason why Jiji decided to move out of her parents house and into amamizukan.


Jiji is friends with all of the Amars, though none could be called a best friend. She also befriends Keiichiro Koibuchi when they meet by chance at a café. He gives her good advice, not realizing that she's part of the resistance to development in the Amamizu area.





Later when the Jellyfish brand needs a blog, Jiji creates one in a matter of minutes featuring Keiichiro Koibuchi's picture. This doesn't exactly help the political situation for him, but his party doesn't mention it when they call him in for an explanation of Kuranosuke's stunt. In chapter 44, after talking to Mr. Koibuchi, she decides to volunteer to be the product manager. She even buys books to help her on the subject.



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