Shuu walks in on Tsukimi half undressed
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As Tsukimi gets excited to make more dresses, the other Amars find out about the Amamizukan, only to later learn it was a mistake from the construction workers. However, they later receive a call from Chieko's mother, which causes Tsukimi to become determined to produce more teru teru bozu to raise the money needed quickly. Kuranosuke decides to enter Tsukimi's dresses into a fashion show, where they place first in every category. Meanwhile, Inari, who appears to have developed a crush on Shū following their last encounter, ends up sharing a plane with him. Tsukimi gets a little nervous when being introduced as the designer, but manages to label her brand as 'Jellyfish'. Later, Chieko's mother returns home, who says she no longer plans to sell the Amamizukan.



  • This episode deviates from the manga with its own plot line in the following ways:
    • There is a fashion show instead of the play with costumes designed by Tsukimi.
    • Shuu Koibuchi is on a plane instead of in the audience.