Chieko is the manager of Amamizukan. She is obsessed with dressing in traditional Japanese clothes, such as in a kimono, and collects traditional Japanese dolls. Her mother is the owner of the building, but is rarely present as she is a groupie of Bae Yong Joon.


Chieko proves to be the most able to keep a clear head, first when she's the last to run away from the redevelopment meeting, and later when the guests start arriving for the fashion show at Amamizukan. She's also the most devious, as she manipulates both her mother and Shoko Inari in order to prevent the sale of the building.


Chieko is a short-to-medium tall woman with a rounded body. She frequently wears kimonos, as they are her passion. She has long dark hair she keeps tied back and glasses.



Her mother, Chiyoko, is the owner of Amamizukan. Their relationship doesn't seem to be too strong. Chieko's mother looks down on her lifestyle. Chieko also has no trouble lying to her mother in order to manipulate her.


Is good friends with all of the Amars: Mayaya, Jiji, Banba, and Tsukimi.

Nomu, a woman obsessed with making clothes for dolls, is also a friend whom Chieko recruits for their dressmaking. Chieko respects her enough to understand when she's been pushed too much and doesn't pressure Nobu to stick around. 





In chapter 31 Chieko introduces Tsukimi and Kuranosuke to her friend Nomu-san to help them make patterns for their dresses.



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