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Chapter 80. Shall We Marry?
Chapter 80
Chapter 80
Volume 16
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Chapter 79. Dinner for Amars
Chapter 81. Innocent Koibuchi Boys
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Shuu walks in on Tsukimi half undressed
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Tsukimi remembers her mother's words about the jellyfish dress when she becomes a bride.

Shuu repeats his request for her to marry him. He expands on it, asking for her to raise a family with him and to not disappear without a word again. In fact, please, never leave him alone again. He promises to take care of her.

Tsukimi backs away nervously, and nearly falls out of her chair but stands up. Shuu tries to help and asks her not to be afraid. Tsukimi requests Shuu let her sleep on it, and he agrees, quite worried. Tsukimi runs all the way back to Amamizukan.

She tries to tell Mayaya and Banba what happened, but they mishear the word "marriage" and start pretending that Tsukimi has enacted a murder-mystery role-play.

Kuranosuke arrives and advises that they get back inside before the neighbours see them. Then he spots the ring on Tsukimi's hand and says it looks like an octopus. Tsukimi corrects him, that it's actually a jellyfish. This and the fact that it's on Tsukimi's left hand suddenly clues Kuranosuke in that Shuu proposed. He starts laughing, mocking his brother for having flown all the way to Italy to get a ring for Tsukimi and ended up getting that.

Mayaya compliments the ring.

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