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Chapter 79. Dinner for Amars
Chapter 79
Chapter 79
Volume 16
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Chapter 78. Singapore Deep
Chapter 80. Shall We Marry?
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Shuu walks in on Tsukimi half undressed
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The Amars are happy Tsukimi is back. They apologize for having put her in the position to do what she did to save Amamizukan.

Hanamori and Kuranosuke emerge from the shower, and the Amars freak out at the possibility that a man and a woman just showered together. Kuranosuke tells them they showered seperately. Kuranosuke points out that since Kai Fish is still the owner of Amamizukan, there's a chance that they might all get kicked out soon.

During dinner, Shuu arrives. He and Tsukimi go for a walk. He establishes that it's been over a month since they last saw each other. Tsukimi doesn't explain, but gives a vague reason for why she went to Singapore. Shuu apologizes for being bold, but has to say that he'd been worrying about her. Tsukimi apologizes for calling him so many times about it, and Shuu is confused until he realizes that it must have happened while his phone was broken. He explains that he went to Italy and his phone got wet, so he couldn't have gotten in touch with her. Tsukimi is flummoxed by the thought of Shuu having been in a country so far away.

Shuu requests that she meet him at a hotel cafe the next day because he has something he wants to give her. Tsukimi agrees, and Shuu runs off, a bundle of nerves. Tsukimi wonders if he brought her a souvenior from Italy.

Tsukimi worries about what to wear, and decides her white shirt is best. The next day, Shuu gives her the jellyfish ring, and she exclaims over it. He explains that it's not just a glass figurine, but a right. Tsukimi is still delighted by such a gift, until Shuu drives the point home. "Tsukimi, it's a ring. Give me your finger." Shuu slides the jellyfish ring onto her ring finger and asks her to marry him.

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