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Chapter 77. Casino Royale
Chapter 77
Release Date January 13, 2015
Chapter 77
Volume 15
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340934-5
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Chapter 76. The Monster of Singapore
Chapter 78. Singapore Deep
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Kuranosuke convinces Hwa-Young to give him access to Tsukimi. He pulls her out of the R.Z.V.P. Building and brings her to a casino. Tsukimi is put in the kids area while he and Hanamori gamble.


Kuranosuke tells Hwa-Young that he'll make a company with Tsukimi that will destroy R.Z.P.V. Then he tells her that Tsukimi is his fiancee, and he chose her because she's perfect for his political family. Playing on a hunch about Hwa-Young's heart, he claims he wants to break up Tsukimi and Kai, and that this is her only chance.

Hwa-Young gives Kuranosuke the access card to the 35th floor. Hanamori calls Kuranosuke asking for help at the casino. Kiki stops Kai at the elevator and blackmails him with going to the tabloids about their relationship and bedroom activities if he doesn't spend the night with her. "Sheesh." Kai and Kuranosuke just miss each other as the elevator doors open and close.

Kuranosuke finds Tsukimi asleep in the reference room, which upsets him. Calling her stupid and stealing clothes along the way, Kuranosuke drags Tsukimi out of the building and to the casino. At 19, Tsukimi's not allowed in, so Kuranosuke puts her in the kids' play area, which he thinks is perfect for hiding her from Kai, and then goes to gamble with Hanamori.

Kuranosuke flirts to win, but then Hanamori takes all the money and promptly loses it. A winner drops a chip on the floor, Kuranosuke plays it at a different table, and wins with the very number Hanamori kept losing on. The kids in the play area make fun of Tsukimi for drawing jellyfish. Kuranosuke decides to spend the 1.5 million yen he just won by spending the night out on the town with Tsukimi and Hanamori.

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  • The poster for the live-action movie and this chapter cover have the same layout.
  • This is also the cover art for the volume. Shuu Koibuchi is featured, though he doesn't appear in volume 15.
  • The chapter title comes from the 1953 James Bond debut novel of the same name, which has been made into two feature films, one in 1967 and one in 2006.