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Chapter 76. The Monster of Singapore
Chapter 76
Release Date January 13, 2015
Chapter 76
Volume 15
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340934-5
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Chapter 75. Jellyfish Up in the Tower
Chapter 77. Casino Royale
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Kuranosuke and Hwa-Young have an important talk. Hanamori gambles away everyone's money. Everyone, from Kiki to Tsukimi herself, wonders what Kai expects Tsukimi to bring to the company.


Kuranosuke wants to make a deal with Hwa-Young to get Tsukimi back. He also confesses that having seen the way AVIDY does business and the clothes it makes, Tsukimi's recruitment doesn't make sense.

Kai chastises Kiki for putting down Tsukimi, but admits to her that Tsukimi appeared before him in Japan like a goddess of fortune. Hanamori gambles. Tsukimi looks through some company books trying to read the English, and wonders what Kai thinks she could possibly do for this company.

Hwa-Young shows Kuranosuke the massive amount of inventory that's about to be burned, how it's all for keeping the brand high-end. The cost of disposing of inventory is included in the price. Hwa-Young then asks Kuranosuke if he's heard of a Chinese legend of a monster that was so hungry that after it ate all there was, it ate itself.

Jiji proposes that the Amars use the money Mejiro is offering to buy casual line clothes in order to learn where/how such things get sold.

Hanamori loses all the money he spent.

Kuranosuke asks Hwa-Young if she wants him to stop the monster.

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