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Chapter 75. Jellyfish Up in the Tower
Chapter 75
Release Date January 13, 2015
Chapter 75
Volume 15
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340934-5
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Chapter 74. The Wolf of Singapore Street
Chapter 76. The Monster of Singapore
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Kuranosuke models for AVIDY while learning inside gossip about Kai Fish that makes him worry about Tsukimi even more than he already was.


Kuranosuke thoroughly enjoys the photo shoot, and learns a little bit about the running of AVIDY. The photographer gives "her" a friendly warning that Kai likes to seduce new talent, which makes Kuranosuke worry about Tsukimi even more.

Hwa-Young learns of Kai taking Tsukimi to Little India, which hurts her incredibly because he took her there for her birthday right before he was adopted by a wealthy man named Fish (who loved the story of Kai's exploits at the bazaar).

The Amars learn that the incoming royalties from Mejiro's old manga being put back in print is not enough to buy back Amamizukan. Jiji is up to something.

Kuranosuke sweet-talks a cleaning lady into letting him up on the 35th floor, but is caught by Hwa-Young. Kai is stalled returning by Kiki, and he calls to check in with Hwa-Young. Staring right at Kuranosuke, Hwa-Young tells Kai that nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

Hanamori arrives in Singapore and takes a taxi straight to a casino.

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  • The chapter title is a spin on the fairy tale cliché of a princess locked up in a tower. It is unlikely to be a reference to the historical incident known as Princes in the Tower, in which King Richard III locked up his two underage nephews in the Tower of London and kept the throne of England for himself.


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