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Chapter 72. In the Pool
Chapter 72
Release Date September 12, 2014
Chapter 72
Volume 14
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340934-5
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Tsukimi laments her departure from the Amars and Shuu. Kuranosuke is determined to get to her, even bringing all the Amars with him if he has to. Shuu doesn't yet realize that Tsukimi is out of the country.

Being a fish out of water is helpful when there's another Fish there to be your guide. Kai is eager to show Tsukimi around Singapore and inspire her with what they could do together with her designs.


On her flight, Tsukimi thinks that Kuranosuke made the Diet Building look like a castle with him the princess. She intends to write letters to everyone once she arrives, especially to Shuu, thanking him for having been kind to someone like her even once. She wistfully thinks of their amusement park date, but now she's viewing Tokyo from even higher up than the Ferris wheel.

Kuranosuke takes the Amars to file paperwork to get their own passports. Shuu's timing for his long weekend couldn't have been worse, and he's backed up and overloaded at work. He regrets not being able to visit Tsukimi, and thinks how lonely a life married to him will make her. There's a label calling him a clueless idiot.

Tsukimi is overwhelmed when arriving in Singapore, and all-business, Hwa-Young escorts her to Kai's office.

Let's go sightseeing
Kai, however, is feeling playful and despite Hwa-Young's protests takes Tsukimi out immediately to tour the city. An outgoing, handsome associate named Alex comes along as interpreter and chauffer, and in the backseat of the car Tsukimi ectoplasms. They bring her to the impressive Marina Bay Sands resort to go swimming in the infinity pool, her swimming suit already purchased. Kai jumps in with Tsukimi, and returning her glasses, swims her to the edge to look at Singapore. Alex interprets that as usual Kai is talking poetically, this time about
Chapter 72 ectoplasm
Singapore's economy. Quizzing Tsukimi that China is the most populated country in the world, Kai informs that Asia makes up 60% of the world's population. Kai offers to give Asia the chance to wear Jellyfish dresses and grasping Tsukimi's hand, he invites her to make a vow with him that together they'll take the filthy world and submerge it into the ocean. Kai then pulls Tsukimi under the water and kisses her.

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