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Chapter 69. A Box, White Shirt, and Me
Chapter 69
Release Date December 13, 2013
Chapter 69
Volume 13
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340921-5
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Chapter 68. Cinderella: Time Won't Turn Back
Chapter 70. The Devil Wears a White Shirt
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Kai has Hwa-Young hide Tsukimi where Kuranosuke can't get to her.


Tsukimi is brought to an exclusive nightclub/salon where people can only get in if Kai's put them on the list. It is full of the fashion world elite, most of whom are wearing white shirts. Tsukimi is given the guest room, which is like a glass cage.

AVIDY closes, cluing Hanamori and Shuu in to the fact that they missed Tsukimi. Kuranosuke suggests Shuu missed her because she was in disguise and yells at him for not being able to recognize the girl he loves.

Tsukimi feels lonely in her glass room, hiding under the blankets, and thinks that they're all spending the night separately... (Visual narrative shows Shuu, Amamizukan, and Hwa-Young)... to greet the morning separately.

Kai visits his old orphanage for a wedding, and remembers how he first clued in to the importance of appearance when a boy wearing a white collared shirt was adopted by rich, British parents. The others at the wedding assume, like the bride & groom, Kai and Hwa-Young are still together since orphanage days.

Hwa-Young wakes Tsukimi up with a change of clothes that include a white shirt.

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