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Chapter 68. Cinderella: Time Won't Turn Back
Chapter 68
Release Date December 13, 2013
Chapter 68
Volume 13
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340921-5
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Chapter 67. Catch Her If You Can
Chapter 69. A Box, White Shirt, and Me
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Tsukimi gets philosophical. Kuranosuke is disappointed that AVIDY is a good company. Shuu and Tsukimi just miss each other.


Tsukimi thinks about the transformative power of clothing, how it changed everyone she knows. Kuranosuke was the fairy godmother who changed everyone, including her, enabling her to live a beautiful dream with the prince (Shuu). She wonders if Stylish buy clothes in hopes of those moments, and the price of the dream is included in the cost.

Hwa-Young reports that Kuranosuke is stalking the store, and Kai loses his tolerance and says it's time to move the princess to another castle. Kiki overhears and jealously pries about who Tsukimi is. Kai says she's still a kid but it's likely the life she'll live will turn her beautiful.

Kuranosuke tries on clothes to get a feel for what kind of talent Kai has, and the clerks all feel that "she" models them better than Kiki. Kuranosuke disappointedly resents the quality clothes, reasonable prices, and professional friendliness of the staff.

Shuu, having been waiting hours at Amamizukan for Tsukimi without being told anything other than that the building was saved, calls Hanamori for information. Hanamori fetches him to AVIDY, informing him that Tsukimi was sold to a Singapore CEO and is being confined to a high class hotel. When Shuu freaks, Hanamori says he was just exaggerating, Kuranosuke and a friend are with her. He asks Shuu if he bought a ring and has it on him, because he's the only one who can stop Tsukimi, and to stop her with the ring.

Outside AVIDY, Hanamori convinces Kuranosuke to head home, and then pops away to get some food. By now Tsukimi has been dressed up and ushered out a back door into a car. The car drives past Shuu, who is watching the front door. Despite no glasses or contacts, Tsukimi recognizes Shuu just as they drive past and vainly tries to get them to stop the car.

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  • The chapter title may be an allusion to 2007's Cinderella III: A Twist in Time.


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