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Chapter 66. Last Party
Chapter 66
Release Date December 13, 2013
Chapter 66
Volume 13
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340921-5
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Chapter 65. The Lord of the Rings
Chapter 67. Catch Her If You Can
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Kuranosuke gets drunk and tries to deal with some hard truths. He tries to make Tsukimi tell Shuu she's leaving. He also begs her not to leave.


Kuranosuke creates a large room service bill and prepares to drink the night away. He asks Tsukimi why she thinks Shuu doesn't like her anymore. She answers that he never said so directly, but his actions seem to imply it. Kuranosuke explains that his brother is just unsociable and may come across as cold and blunt. He wants to know if Tsukimi is really going to leave him and go overseas like that.

Kai learns of the bill and shrugs it off, saying to let them have their fun.

A totally intoxicated Kuranosuke yells at Tsukimi to have more confidence in herself. He drunk-dials Shuu, who is at that time wishing Tsukimi were in Venice with him for their honeymoon.

Shower Kuranosuke

Kuranosuke takes a shower while Tsukimi is in the other room reminding herself to think of him as a pretty princess and not a guy. Kuranosuke falls in the shower, and Tsukimi goes in to rescue him, taking her glasses off first to make sure she doesn't see anything. He falls on top of her, naked, and briefly wonders if it's his mother holding him again. Realizing it's Tsukimi, Kuranosuke gives her a hug and drunkenly begs her not to leave before passing out. Tsukimi tenderly sets him to rest on the bed while taking the couch. She also thinks that, despite it being blurry, now she's seen a naked male body she's not fit to get married. It was all more than she could really have anyway.

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