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Chapter 65. The Lord of the Rings
Chapter 65
Release Date December 13, 2013
Chapter 65
Volume 13
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340921-5
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Chapter 64. Far Away and Always With You
Chapter 66. Last Party
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Shuu remains unreachable due to a waterlogged phone. Kuranosuke isn't happy about the deal Tsukimi made, and is surprised that she didn't tell Shuu. Tsukimi is determined, but misses everyone she's about to leave behind.


Shuu's phone is knocked into the water by roughhousing kids.

The Amars promise to take care of Clara.

Kuranosuke tries to reach Shuu, and discovers from Tsukimi that he doesn't know about the deal she made. Tsukimi explains that she tried to talk to Shuu about it, but she doesn't think he likes her anymore.

Several jewelers in Venice turn Shuu away when he asks for a ring reminiscent of jellyfish, but a glass-maker at a souvenir shop custom-makes one for him and overcharges.

Hwa-Young takes Tsukimi to a hotel until her passport is ready, Kuranosuke and Hanamori following. When asked where Shuu is, Hanamori tells Kuranosuke half the truth and says that Shuu's in Italy looking for a ring. At the hotel lobby, Tsukimi seems determined to work hard for Kai, and reassures Kuranosuke she'll be fine, at which he unnerves her by reminding her that she's never been in a hotel before.

From her room, with a view at an even higher elevation than the night of her first date with Shuu, Tsukimi feels lonely at being separated from Shuu and the Amars. Wondering if she's going to be alone from now on, Tsukimi is surprised by a knock on the door. It's not Shuu this time, but Kuranosuke, who is determined to party in her room on Kai Fish's money.

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  • The chapter title comes from the J. R. R. Toliken books and Peter Jackson movies of the same name.


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