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Chapter 64. Far Away and Always With You
Chapter 64
Release Date July 12, 2013
Chapter 64
Volume 12
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340912-3
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Chapter 63. Midnight Flight
Chapter 65. The Lord of the Rings
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Shuu and Lina discuss Tsukimi. Inari tries to bribe the Amars into moving out earlier than the contract, only to be cut off by the arrival of Hwa-Young. She's come to claim the building and Tsukimi.


Lina asks for a description of Tsukimi when Shuu asks for her help in picking a ring. Shuu describes Tsukimi's every day appearance which Lina comments sounds like an otaku. Shuu says that Tsukimi is, but she's also beautiful when she transforms.

Lina and her husband are perplexed that Tsukimi's obsession is with jellyfish, but they suggest Venice as being the Italian city most associated with sea creatures. Lina tells Shuu that she intends to sing again at a modest location wearing the dress. Lina requests of Shuu that if Kuranosuke ever falls in love, to tell that girl to love him as much as she does.

Inari shows up at Amamizukan to offer money to the Amars if they move out right away, but Hwa-Young arrives before any deals are made to inform of Kai's purchase of the building and to whisk Tsukimi away.

Lina puts on the dress hoping there's a woman Kuranosuke loves who will stay by his side. Shuu realizes he forgot to give Lina the photos.

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