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Chapter 63. Midnight Flight
Chapter 63
Release Date July 12, 2013
Chapter 63
Volume 12
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340912-3
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Chapter 62. Feel Free to Call Me
Chapter 64. Far Away and Always With You
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Kai Fish purchases Amamizukan from Global Create on the condition that Tsukimi come to him. In Italy, Shuu meets with Lina.


The manager of the hotel where Kai is staying acts as translator during his phone call with Tsukimi. Kai and Hwa-Young do quick research and discover it's easy enough to buy Amamizukan from Global Create.

He will buy both the building and Tsukimi as a set. Hwa-Young is on her way to Tokyo to explain the details. Tsukimi just needs to get a passport.

Tsukimi tries again to reach Shuu, then wonders if he's deliberately avoiding her because she's calling too much. Suddenly full of self-doubt about their relationship, Tsukimi decides to stop causing him trouble.

Shuu arrives in Italy exhausted after a prolonged flight and goes to Lina's house, where she lives with her husband. Lina and Shuu have a heart-to-heart about why she was forced to give up Kuranosuke for her health, and Shuu comments how similiar she and her son are. Shuu tells Lina that Kuranosuke made the dress for her, with Shuu's fiancée Tsukimi.

Tsukimi misses the Amars goodbye party due to applying for a passport.

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