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Chapter 60. Singapore Thrilling
Chapter 60
Release Date July 12, 2013
Chapter 60
Volume 12
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340912-3
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Chapter 59. The President of Fish is Here! Yaa, yaa, yaa!
Chapter 61. The Little Match Girl
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Kai Fish wants to scout Tsukimi, offering a full scholarship to design school and a position in his company, but Kuranosuke refuses and doesn't pass the offer on to her. Nisha accuses him of holding Tsukimi back for his own selfish reasons.


Kai cancels his last meeting in Japan in order to meet up with Kuranosuke later to discuss his offer in better detail. Since Kuranosuke didn't translate, the Amars think Kai's making a large dress order, and Kuranosuke doesn't know how to clarify Kai's offer because he doesn't understand what the man is up to.

He heads out to Nisha, who tells him this is a good thing that Tsukimi's been scouted. When Kuranosuke worries about her Nisha tells him that he's underestimating her as well as holding her back out of selfishness.

Shuu frets about figuring out Tsukimi's ring size. Shuu's father gives him a disc of childhood photos of Kuranosuke to deliver to Lina.

Kuranosuke accuses his father of not liking his cross-dressing because then he looks like his mother.

In the narrative, a parallel is made between Kuranosuke's mother leaving him, and Tsukimi potentially leaving.

Kai reveals that he wants to give Tsukimi a full scholarship to his design school in Singapore so that after some education she can work for his company, and he wants to take her with him when he leaves in the morning. He'll also immediately commercialize Jellyfish's current dresses. Kuranosuke refuses to push Tsukimi out into the world like that.

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