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Chapter 59. The President of Fish is Here! Yaa, yaa, yaa!
Chapter 59
Release Date March 13, 2013
Chapter 59
Volume 11
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340903-1
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Chapter 58. Fashion War: Asia's Leader
Chapter 60. Singapore Thrilling
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Kai Fish moves slickly around Kuranosuke and the Amars doing his own reconnaissance. He makes a startling offer.


After Kuranosuke introduces "herself" as the manager and model, he and Kai have a business meeting at a hotel tea room.

Left alone, Jiji and Tsukimi do their best with the customers, but only one dress order is placed, then quickly canceled.

Kuranosuke shows Kai the video of the fashion show, and describes the venue as their office building show room. Kai requests to see the building, and Kuranosuke says it's fine after the exhibition is over.

Shuu asks for time off from work to go to Italy to deliver Lina's dress and purchase an engagement ring.

Kai shows up at Amamizukan before the Amars and seems to be struck by the place's name, or possibly its appearance. He smoothly inserts himself around the place after Kuranosuke and the Amars arrive. After seeing what there is to be seen, he offers to buy the dress designs as well as Tsukimi.

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