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Chapter 58. Fashion War: Asia's Leader
Chapter 58
Release Date March 13, 2013
Chapter 58
Volume 11
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340903-1
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Chapter 57. Jellyfish, Dyed Black
Chapter 59. The President of Fish is Here! Yaa, yaa, yaa!
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A man who is a corporate pillar of the fashion world becomes intrigued with Tsukimi's designs. Kuranosuke does some reconnaissance. A language barrier is one of the few ways in which this situation fumbles, but when a successful man is determined nothing stops him.


Speaking with Kuranosuke in English, Kai Fish promises to return after the girls are done setting up their display and leaves to get food. The man Fish was talking to before enlightens the Amars as to his identity, and "Kurako" uses her feminine charm to take him out and get more information from him. He learns that Kai essentially owns most of the apparel industry in Japan, with hundreds of company branches in China, Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan.

Nomu, successful with making displays at her doll conventions, directs the others to find leaves. After eating, Kai goes for a walk only to come across Tsukimi gathering leaves. Mistaking her for a child out by herself and despite language barriers, he helps her with her errand. Kai is unabashedly recruited by Nomu to help set up the display, which turns out to be for her dolls. Chieko is embarrassed and ashamed, and says as the designer Tsukimi should decide on the nature of the display.

"Designer" is a word Kai recognizes, and Kuranosuke returns in time to properly introduce Tsukimi. Banba and Mayaya, having run away, try to understand what is going on, and use ComiKet as a comparison. They also realize that for someone brand new to be scouted by a professional, that person would have to be a genius.

Kai assesses the dresses again and decides to shake Tsukimi's hand and introduce himself as the CEO of R.Z.P.V. The Amars are confused that he just called himself a fish.

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