Chapter 57. Jellyfish, Dyed Black
Chapter 57
Release Date March 13, 2013
Chapter 57
Volume 11
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340903-1
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Chapter 56. Toxic Jellyfish Princess
Chapter 58. Fashion War: Asia's Leader
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Tsukimi comes up with a "poisonous" new color design for their dresses. The mysterious president is sent crashing into the Jellyfish clothes by a reckless Mayaya.


Shuu, Tsukimi, Kuranosuke, and Hanamori go to Nisha and her brother's shop to see samples, where luckily Nisha was working late. Shuu is at first worried, but realizes Tsukimi's been inspired. Hanamori jokes with Kuranosuke about how Shuu can't help feeling attracted seeing Tsukimi like this, then takes off with Nisha. Shuu also leaves, apologizing for forcing his invite on her.

Back at Amamizukan, Tsukimi states they need to dye the dresses they have to transform them into the new design. Nisha abandons her date with Hanamori, excited to start dying clothes. Tsukimi asks that the wood glue remain on the fabric when they dye. The messy pattern is more consistent with an ocean environment which, remembering having been hurt as a child, Tsukimi wants. She wonders what kind of poison Kuranosuke has, because it's being injected into the dresses like it's been injected into her.

At the exhibition, the mysterious president is called Fish by a man who recognizes him. Fish is giving him advice when a rushing Mayaya knocks him to the ground with their cart of sample dresses. Rising, Fish lifts one of the poison jellyfish dresses, calculates, and smiles.

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