Chapter 56. Toxic Jellyfish Princess
Chapter 56
Release Date March 13, 2013
Chapter 56
Volume 11
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340903-1
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Chapter 55. Exhibition for Geeks
Chapter 57. Jellyfish, Dyed Black
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A stumbling block in the design process makes Tsukimi lose spirit. Shuu plans a date with her designed to reinvigorate her creativity. Both Hanamori and Kuranosuke invite themselves along, to Shuu's disgruntlement.


The Amars are working hard to finish samples themselves for the exhibition. Nisha points out that the beroe cucumis dress isn't attractive enough to sell. Tsukimi realizes that she's right, and the dress would never suit someone like Kuranosuke, who is her jellyfish princess, her sorcerer, and a strong male beauty.

The fashion president arrives in Harajuku and happily takes in the district's cultural ambiance, labeling and assessing the people and their various fashions.

Shuu gets out of work early and calls to invite Tsukimi to dinner; his father and Hanamori listen in on the other line. Shuu senses that Tsukimi feels bogged down and stressed, and he encourages her to speak to him freely as they are fiancés, both getting nervous at the word. When Tsukimi answers that the best place to make her feel inspired would be an aquarium, Hanamori interrupts to say he does know of a place open that late where they can go and Shuu's father orders that she dress up.


Perplexed at the notion of a late-night aquarium, Kuranosuke invites himself along and it turns out to be an exclusive restaurant with tanks around all the private booths. Hanamori also decides to join and Shuu just wants them to leave him and Tsukimi alone. The four of them discuss Tsukimi's jellyfish inspirations and Jellyfish's latest problem, and Hanamori persuades Kuranosuke to try a cigar. Shuu comments that he now looks like a poisonous jellyfish princess, and Tsukimi becomes awakened.

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