Chapter 55. Exhibition for Geeks
Chapter 55
Release Date March 13, 2013
Chapter 55
Volume 11
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340903-1
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Chapter 54. Shuu, Tsukimi, and the Amars
Chapter 56. Toxic Jellyfish Princess
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Inari and her subordinates at Global Create help Chiyoko tear Amamizukan apart looking for the title deed. Kuranosuke and the Amars book a booth at a fashion expo.


Kuranosuke plans for Jellyfish to have a booth at an exhibition, but explaining that to the Amars is a combination of confusing them, overwhelming them, and making them fall asleep.

Chieko's mother comes back early from the hotel Chieko sent her to. Her excuse of wanting to sell the place for the girls' own good blows up in her face and what she really wants is the money to move to Korea with. When she can't find the title deed, Inari and coworkers crash Amamizukan to vainly look for it.

Out to eat, the Amars congratulate Chieko's deviousness and plan to go forward with the exhibition. Kuranosuke believes in all of them.

Elsewhere in the world, a fashion president who is portrayed as handsome, mysterious, smooth-talking, and powerful decides to attend the exhibition in Tokyo to soothe a craving for Japanese food. Nisha tells Kuranosuke that the exhibition won't be a success, but will at least give them some experience.

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