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Chapter 54. Shuu, Tsukimi, and the Amars
Chapter 54
Release Date September 13, 2012
Chapter 54
Volume 10
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340874-4
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Chapter 53. Tomorrow World
Chapter 55. Exhibition for Geeks
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Shuu and Tsukimi finally have a date that's just the two of them, but wait, why are the Amars following them and taking pictures?!


The Amars eavesdrop on Tsukimi's phone calls. Shuu asks her to go to an amusement park with him at the end of the week; Tsukimi calls Kuranosuke for clothing advice and to ask when he's coming over. Kuranosuke misunderstands and thinks Tsukimi is asking him to go along on her date again, and refuses. When Tsukimi clarifies Kuranosuke says he's too busy to come by that week at all, and to just get the sewing done by Friday.

No longer able to ignore it, the Amars have a conference to discuss Tsukimi breaking the no-man rule. When consulted, Mejiro states that Tsukimi must be sacrificed as a honey trap for Shuu in order to use his political influence to save Amamizukan. She pays the Amars to take pictures of their date.

When her mother returns from Korea, Chieko deceives and manipulates to keep her mother and Inari apart.

Kuranosuke uses his masculine charm to get info off another start-up brand about fashion exhibitions.

Shuu and Tsukimi have a successful, innocent date, completely unaware of the Amars paparazzi. Shuu brings up that becoming part of his political family Tsukimi may feel things are unfamiliar and uncomfortable, but to just trust and be with him.

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