Chapter 53. Children of Men
Chapter 53
Release Date September 13, 2012
Chapter 53
Volume 10
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340874-4
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Chapter 52. Casual Line?
Chapter 54. Shuu, Tsukimi, and the Amars
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The Jellyfish clothing brand is costing more money than it is making. Kuranosuke invites himself along on Shuu and Tsukimi's dinner date.


In the middle of the night Chieko buries the title deed under a lawn statue by the pond. The Jellyfish brand is looking likely to be in the red. Kuranosuke goes through his own petrification when Nisha states they're not the first designers to come up with this idea.

Inari tries to deal with the emotional pain of knowing Shuu's engaged and goes through a mental list of all the things about him that she likes.

Kuranosuke invites himself along Shuu's dinner date with Tsukimi, and loans Tsukimi money to buy an outfit. Tsukimi ends up picking the least expensive thing she finds. At the restaurant, Kuranosuke tries to get Shuu to acknowledge the style of clothing Tsukimi's wearing, but Shuu only understands enough to compliment Tsukimi's appearance.

Inari spies on Amamizukan, trying to figure out which woman is Shuu's fiancée.

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  • The chapter title comes from the 2006 movie of the same name.


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