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Chapter 50. The Dining Belle and the Jellyfish
Chapter 50
Release Date September 13, 2012
Chapter 50
Volume 10
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340874-4
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Chapter 49. About a Pureboy
Chapter 51. The Sorcerer's Younger Brother
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Shuu writes Tsukimi a letter, putting his request to court her in words. The rest of the Amars get to it first.


Tsukimi dreams of her mother congratulating her on her date with Shuu and assuring her that she and Shuu do love each other.

Jiji comes up with attractive packaging to mail the dresses in and Tsukimi decides to include a message of thanks to each customer.

Kuranosuke has confused emotions about Tsukimi's growing connection to his brother. A courier delivers Shuu's love letter for Tsukimi and, true to pattern, the Amars get to it first. They all petrify at Shuu's written declaration and request to court Tsukimi.

At the office, Shuu's father discovers him acting nervous. After being pressured, Shuu admits that he has a prospective bride in mind.

Tsukimi is still in shock. Acknowledging that Tsukimi has liked his brother from the start, Kuranosuke wonders what that will mean for his future with her.

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  • The chapter title is a spin on the 1968 scifi novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick. The title is often accidentally referred to as "Even Androids Dream of Electric Sheep." This common misnomer inspired the chapter title.



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