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Chapter 48. My Date with Shuu-Shuu
Chapter 48
Release Date March 13, 2012
Chapter 48
Volume 9
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340874-4
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Chapter 47. Monsieur Hire
Chapter 49. About a Pureboy
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Kuranosuke gets drunk while finally treating the Amars to their promised Korean barbecue. Hanamori and Nisha act as wingmen while Shuu and Tsukimi are on their date. Unable to help himself, Shuu tells Tsukimi that he has feelings for her.


Kuranosuke decides to drink heavily after picturing Tsukimi and Shuu on their date and sharing a first kiss.

At the restaurant, there are no good tables left for Tsukimi's date, so she ends up on the balcony in high wind while Hanamori departs with the newly arrived Nisha. Having received custom throwaway contacts from Hanamori, Tsukimi's ability to see better than ever contributes to her feeling caught up in things she'd never dreamed of. After Shuu arrives a couple of his misconceptions about her are made clear when conversation reveals that she's an underage NEET, but Shuu only cares about getting to know her better. The wind blows over the candlesticks on the table, and Shuu and Tsukimi touch hands as they both try to save it.

Save the candlesticks romance

After a long moment of silent eye contact Shuu blurts out his feelings to Tsukimi, then faints when the waiter interrupts the moment to usher them inside out of the wind. Forced to join Hanamori and Nisha, Shuu angsts while Tsukimi is in the bathroom convincing herself that she must have misheard Shuu. Hanamori and Nisha are amused at how hopelessly besotted Shuu is.

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