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Chapter 47. Monsieur Hire
Chapter 47
Release Date March 13, 2012
Chapter 47
Volume 9
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340874-4
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Chapter 46. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Chapter 48. My Date with Shuu-Shuu
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Shuu saves the day when he arrives with a permit he arranged for the protest demonstration just as security is about to hurt Tsukimi. Slick Hanamori suggests she can pay Shuu back by going on a date with him. Kuranosuke tries to gently push Tsukimi into not going, but Tsukimi doesn't listen.


The demonstration ruins Inari's triumphant report to the company. She calls security and just when things are about to become physically rough, Shuu shows up. He'd pulled some last-minute strings to get a permit for the demonstration, much to Inari's distress. After Shuu quietly confiscates the sweets shop owner's Molotov cocktails, the demonstration starts marching.

Shuu gives Tsukimi a heads up on what kind of resistance to expect from the surrounding businesses, but assures her he will stand guardian and take care of anything that happens. He waves goodbye telling her not to worry and have fun. Looking back at him the entire time she walks to catch up with the march, Tsukimi realizes that there's no longer any denying her feelings for Shuu.

Afterward, Tsukimi plucks up the courage to ask Shuu to let her repay him. Shuu says that she doesn't owe him anything, but Hanamori swoops in and tells her to pay Shuu back by going on a date with him and sets up dinner reservations. Kuranosuke's jealousy is noticed by Hanamori, which he tries to deny by doing Tsukimi's makeup.

Nisha arrives to deliver the dress order, and Hanamori immediately usurps the dinner reservation to take her out. Nisha makes Tsukimi wear the flower hat jellyfish dress and a depressed Kuranosuke takes the Amars out for Korean BBQ.

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