Chapter 45. For the Sake of Others
Chapter 45
Release Date March 13, 2012
Chapter 45
Volume 9
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340874-4
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The romantic undercurrent between Shuu and Tsukimi increases until, confused and panicky, Tsukimi literally turns and runs away from him, straight to Kuranosuke. She begs him to get on board with a protest demonstration they all want to do.


Kuranosuke is touched by Jiji stepping up to the plate.

The sweets shop owner wants to do a protest demonstration, marching 20 km from the neighbourhood to Inari's company building. The old man shows Shuu the reason he can't just relocate his shop to within the mall: a private well that is essential for making their sweets. Shuu helps him pump it after the owner appears too frail, causing Tsukimi to fall for him a little more.

Walking back, Shuu and Tsukimi talk about the consequences of redevelopment on long-term residents, and she accidentally reveals that she was depressed. Shuu requests that she come to him if something happens again rather than cry. The extended eye contact causes Tsukimi to panic and she runs.

After learning of the demonstration Kuranosuke calls it lame, but the Amars all want to do it. Their re-invigoration so reassures Tsukimi that she cries in front of Kuranosuke and requests that he do the demonstration with them.

Shuu gets a mixture of good and bad advice from Hanamori on cheering up a woman. He worries that Tsukimi will dislike the fruits he choose on the tart he delivered for her, not knowing that the other Amars ate up all the topping without even acknowledging that he'd brought it. Oblivious to the tart's origins Tsukimi contentedly eats a piece of the bottom while Chieko privately relays to Kuranosuke Nomu's comment about not even being able to wear the clothes they make.

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  • The chapter title comes from the 2008 movie of the same name.


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