Chapter 43. And Then There Were None
Chapter 43
Release Date September 13, 2011
Chapter 43
Volume 8
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340855-3
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Chapter 44. If She Looks Back is it Love?
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Tsukimi and the rest of the Amars are beginning to lose their desire to continue with the clothesmaking. Kuranosuke is as determined as ever.


Nisha gives sound business sense that unfortunately contradicts the inspiration of the Jellyfish brand. Tsukimi begins to feel the weight of the ambitious task they've taken on. Kuranosuke asks for a volunteer among the Amars to act as product manager, but the exhausted Amars refuse.

Kuranosuke cheers Tsukimi by buying her bread that somewhat looks like jellyfish, then tries to drum up investment money to cover initial costs.

Determined to make new designs that will appeal to lower-income Stylish, Tsukimi declines an invite to the first-in-a-long-while Amars hot pot. The Amars are hurt and shocked.

Shuu refuses to let Kuranosuke seek investment money from their uncle, and offers his savings instead.

Tsukimi builds confidence that they'll succeed because the Amars and Kuranosuke are behind her.

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  • The chapter title comes from the famous 1939 Agatha Christie mystery of the same name. Originally, the Agatha Christie novel had a less politically correct title, but it was changed to "And Then There Were None" a month later when it was given a release in the United States. The new title "And Then There Were None" comes from the nursery rhyme featured in the story.


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