Chapter 40. Jellyfish: The Dancing Maharaja
Chapter 40
Release Date September 13, 2011
Chapter 40
Volume 8
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340855-3
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Chapter 39. The Secret in Their Eyes
Chapter 41. 007/ The Spy Who Loved Me
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Shuu walks in on Tsukimi half undressed
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Inari bullies Tsukimi
Kuranosuke makes a useful business contact in a woman named Nisha.

Tsukimi's feelings for Shuu are still very strong, especially after being given his cell phone number. She wonders if he secretly ordered the dress because he cross-dresses, too.

Inari calls Amamizukan and bullies Tsukimi into tears for even trying to save her home. Concerned over Tsukimi, the rest of the Amars pressure her into telling them what Inari said. Even though she only shares some of it, they all take it poorly, and Tsukimi blames herself for ruining their spirits after Kuranosuke had done so much to buoy all of them up.

Kuranosuke arrives with Nisha and her brother.

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Characters in Order of Appearance



  • The chapter title is a spin on the title of the 1995 movie "Muthu: The Dancing Maharaja."


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