Chapter 39. The Secret in Their Eyes
Chapter 39
Release Date April 13, 2011
Chapter 39
Volume 7
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340841-6
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Lina's request has an unexpected consequence: a secret between Shuu and Tsukimi, which causes the romantic tension between them to increase. Neither of them know how to handle it.


Shuu goes to Amamizukan only to get hit by the opening door as Mayaya revolts from all the work. Nose legitimately bleeding, Shuu asks Tsukimi for a private chat.

Doing research, Kuranosuke considers the possibility of outsourcing through Indian workers.

Tsukimi is nervous when Shuu takes her out for coffee. The Amars walk in and Tsukimi dives under the beverage table, afraid of being seen and then ostracized for being out with a man. When Shuu sees her under there she tells him that they need to run away, and he slips into a daydream that she's actually asking him to run away with her.

They both end up hiding under the table and the romantic tension escalates. Shuu fears Tsukimi will think he has less than honorable intentions, so he explains that he wants to order one of the dresses and that it needs to be a secret between the two of them.

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Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Shuu Koibuchi
  2. Kuranosuke Koibuchi
  3. Yoshio Hanamori
  4. Lina
  5. Mayaya
  6. Banba
  7. Mayaya's Home Ec Teacher (Memory)
  8. Chieko
  9. Tsukimi Kurashita
  10. Nomu
  11. Jiji
  12. Kuranosuke's friend
  13. Waitress at the café
  14. Nisha's brother



  • The chapter title comes from the 2009 Spanish movie of the same name.


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