Chapter 37. Gossip Girl
Chapter 37
Release Date April 13, 2011
Chapter 37
Volume 7
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340841-6
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Chapter 36. A Clockwork Amars
Chapter 38. The Orphanage
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Fallout time. The media goes nuts about Kuranosuke's cross-dressing habit and he is in big trouble with his father—not that he cares. The Amars become less accepting of the "Rose of Versailles" cover story "Kurako" fed them.


At the close of the show, Kuranosuke makes a pitch to save Amamizukan and explains this is the purpose behind the Jellyfish clothing brand. Pledges from the audience start immediately, and Tsukimi is in awe of Kuranosuke.

The next morning the media is all abuzz with the fact that the youngest Koibuchi son is a cross-dresser. Mayaya is ashamed to see her Stylish self pictured too. Kuranosuke's father explains to him all the trouble he's caused with the media camped outside their home and both Shuu and his uncle at their offices dealing with the repercussions. Kuranosuke apologizes to his father, agrees to be housebound, and immediately meets the press wearing a Jellyfish dress.

Jiji makes a website for Jellyfish using a picture of Kuranosuke's father.

Shuu is overwhelmed at work.

The Amars begin to question Kuranosuke's cover story about his gender.

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  • The chapter title comes from the popular TV show of the same name.


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