Chapter 34. Party Monster
Chapter 34
Release Date November 26, 2010
Chapter 34
Volume 6
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Chapter 33. 007/From Amamizukan with Love
Chapter 35. Showgirls
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Kuranosuke and Mayaya crash Keiichiro Koibuchi's political anniversary party to announce the fashion show after-party at Amamizukan.


Kuranosuke and Mayaya crash the political party.

When Shuu and Inari come face-to-face Shuu apologizes for having hit her and then walks away. Inari is too smitten to be articulate.

Hanamori flirts with Mayaya, which makes her feel so out of her element she wants to leave. Kuranosuke persuades her to stay, and after the last speech of well wishes for his father, he takes over the microphone. The sudden appearance of the little-seen youngest Koibuchi son brings the press running.

The women of the party are impressed with Mayaya's dress, and the fashion show after-party at Amamizukan is announced.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • (Shuu, to Inari)I've been thinking about how I wished I never hit you. Whatever my reasons were, I raised my hand against a woman. It was my fault across the baord. I'm truly sorry! I apologize![1]
  • (Hanamori, hitting on Mayaya)This is my cell number. You can call me over anytime. I'll drive you door to door in my Benz wherever you'd like to go: shopping, dinner, the spa, anywhere[2]



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