Chapter 29. White Sandcastle
Chapter 29
Release Date August 10, 2010[
Chapter 29
Volume 5
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340812-6
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Romantic crushes get a boost as Shuu and Inari think about recent encounters and Tsukimi and Kuranosuke spend some time together in their regular clothes.


With the play over, Kuranosuke and the Amars dine at a yakiniku restaurant.

Tsukimi is not eating and reeling a bit from the experience of being presented onstage. She feels as though it were a near-death experience, all she can recall is a door opening, a bright light, and the cast looking like a lot of angels. The others fill her in that she boldly went onstage and announced the brand name of her clothing design. All Tsukimi can remember, however, is Kuranosuke asking her what the English word for jellyfish is and the feeling of his hand tightly holding hers.

The Amars and Kuranosuke attempt to design a logo for the Jellyfish brand. However, each Amar puts their own obsession into their logo designs, which makes none of them work. Tsukimi wandered off into her room to daydream about the play and remember her mother's promise to make her a wedding dress like a jellyfish. She would never have dreamed that she would end up being the one to make the dress.

Keiichiro Koibuchi is still planning his 30 year anniversary party and Shuu is even more smitten with Tsukimi from seeing her at the play.

Inari is stunned when she gets an invitation to the party. She goes into a nervous rant at her assistant about finding something appropriate to wear. He suggests that she's really upset because of Shuu, and warns her that falling for him could cost her her job.

Tsukimi and Kuranosuke petition Juon Mejiro to help them come up with the design. They go to wait in her room and he takes off his wig. Tsukimi gets flustered by his male dress and compromises by stating she'll be fine if she doesn't look at him. Kuranosuke balks, telling her that's not fine at all and she needs to be able to look straight at him as a male since their fates are bound together now. There's a long silence after he says this. Kuranosuke tries to hide that his own words flustered him, but he still blushes.

When she asks why he's not embarrassed to work with her, he blurts out that he thinks she is a cute girl. Blushing again, he quickly exits and leaves her very confused.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Clara
  2. Kuranosuke Koibuchi
  3. Mayaya
  4. Banba
  5. Tsukimi Kurashita
  6. Chieko
  7. Jiji
  8. Mayaya's childhood classmates (Memory)
  9. The 25 Ophelias cast (Memory)
  10. Tsukimi's mother (Memory)
  11. Keiichiro Koibuchi
  12. Shuu Koibuchi
  13. Shoko Inari
  14. Inari's assistant
  15. Juon Mejiro


(Kuranosuke, attempting to explain to Tsukimi that he's not embarrassed by her)Because, in reality, I think you're a cute girl![1]


  • Both this chapter and the next end with one of the Koibuchi brothers calling Tsukimi cute.


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