Chapter 25. Deep Impact
Chapter 25
Release Date August 10, 2010
Chapter 25
Volume 5
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340812-6
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Kuranosuke defends the Amars. Inari finally pushes things too far when she drunkenly decides to fake a broken-hearted suicide in order to prank Shuu.


The girls from the club, after following Kuranosuke outside, are immediately put off by the sight of the Amars. They dismiss him stating that he's going to grab dinner with them and immediately set into criticizing their appearance. Kuranosuke tries to leave with the Amars, but his Stylish friends don't believe it and demand to know who they are.

Kuranosuke defends Tsukimi, Mayaya and Banba by calling them his friends, treating it like it's the most natural thing and that the Stylish girls are weird for even questioning it. The girls are too stunned to say anything while Kuranosuke leaves with the Amars. He asks them if they are alright and apologizes that the girls were rude.

When all three deflect that they hadn't been treated rudely, Clara pops in to explain an Amars defense mechanism of removing memories. They decide to return to Amamizukan for the night. Mika catches up with Kuranosuke and takes her wig back. She proceeds to continue to bad mouth the Amars and their appearance. Kuranosuke tells her flatly, twice, to stop and goes home.

On the walk to Amamizukan, Tsukimi reflects on just how much she and Kuranosuke are from different worlds.

Meanwhile, Shuu is worried about Inari but she's ignoring his calls and getting very drunk. When she finally answers he thinks something is wrong and rushes to her apartment. She realizes that he had misunderstood what she said to believe that she had deliberately overdosed herself. Inari mocks his ego for thinking she'd kill herself over being dumped by him. She decides to trick him by faking suicide, so that what Shuu sees when he arrives is her slumped on her couch with a bottle of pills on the floor.

Inari holds the pose long enough to get Shuu going before pulling out and laughing at pranking him. She is startled when he moves right to her. Shuu slaps her in the face. There is a brief moment of being stunned before Shuu starts repeatedly konking her on the head. Inari calls a halt and asks him not to get so angry over a joke, but she cuts herself off after seeing his face. Shuu is clearly distressed.

After Shuu leaves Inari's apartment, she feels guilty for upsetting him and wonders why.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • (Tsukimi, about Kuranosuke befriending the Amars)Him and us? That's impossible. We live in different worlds.[1]


  • The chapter title comes from the 1998 disaster film of the same name.


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