Chapter 13. Spellbound and Stone Broke
Chapter 13
Release Date November 13, 2009
Chapter 13
Volume 3
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340775-4
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Kuranosuke tries to come up with funds to save Amamizukan. Inari blackmails Shuu.


Kuranosuke soon realizes the Amars are broke, so he suggests selling some of their possessions to raise funds, which they don't take too well. Banba has to physically restrain him from Chieko's dolls as he ignores her pleas and tears.

As Tsukimi gets stunned by seeing Kuranosuke topless, she rears back, closing her eyes. He almost kisses her before they are interrupted by the need for a fax machine.

Meanwhile, Inari returns Shuu's glasses to him. They end up at a café where Shuu awkwardly tries to ask about what happened the night before. He states that he doesn't think he was capable of having done anything sexual with her, but she cuts him off by flipping open her cell phone. Her wallpaper is a picture of them shirtless under the covers. Shuu doesn't have his glasses on, his eyes are closed, and one arm is around Inari. Shuu freezes, staring at the image wide-eyed.

At Koibuchi mansion, Tsukimi and Kuranosuke send faxes of Mejiro's latest yaoi manga to her publisher. Kuranosuke is disturbed by the fact that he had impulsively tried to kiss Tsukimi. He shouts as Tsukimi for being able to calmly sit and sip tea, and then thinks it's not at all cool when he realizes she hadn't been aware of what was happening.

In his distress, Kuranosuke starts to squeeze the manuscript pages he's holding. Tsukimi stops him and points out how valuable each page is. Kuranosuke calms down and stares as Tsukimi. Together they go back to Amamizukan, Kuranosuke cross-dressing again, and slip a request underneath Mejiro's door. As they wait for a response, Kuranosuke starts asking about why they aren't at least using text or email. Tsukimi covers his mouth and warns him that his life would be over if Mejiro discovers that he's really a guy.

Meijiro claims that losing the building would be worse for her than anyone. She promises that if the serial she's working on sells, she'll take care of the down payment to buy Amamizukan. Kuranosuke asks his father for the money to buy an apartment building, and Keiichiro response to the pure foolishiness of being asked to lend him that much money is to go to bed. Kuranosuke tries to stop him by blackmailing his father about the affair with his mother, but this fails. Keiichiro simply states that he only made it to second base that day Shuu caught them.

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Characters in Order of Appearance



  • The chapter contains a conversion typo. ¥20,000 is about $200. ¥2,000 would be about $20.


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