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    Moon jellies

    September 11, 2016 by HazelQuill7445

    I went to an aquarium yesterday and saw a tank full of moon jellies. They are tiny little things!  It was very peaceful watching them, and they were definitely my favorite display. 

    After I read the sign describing it's visible body parts, I'm never gonna look at jellyfish the same way again.

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  • HazelQuill7445

    *Tsukimi's mother takes her to the aquarium
    *Tsukimi's mother dies. 

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  • HazelQuill7445

    Hi all!

    I am considering requesting to become the administrator for this wiki.  There was almost nothing to it when I first came in almost a year ago, and I continued the chapter summaries from Chapter 30 on.  

    Now that Kodansha has started releasing English versions of the manga, I think the time has come to spruce up the Princess Jellyfish wiki even more.

    Does anyone have ideas, suggestions, or objections?


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