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• 1/8/2018

Doll Dress Maker

Chieko has a seamstress friend who sews doll clothing. There is a panel in the manga when either Chieko or her friend is sewing fast and the other NEETs are just amazed/terrified. Does anyone know that chapter?
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• 8/21/2017

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• 9/9/2016

Akiko Higashimura's Interview for Western fans

Here's a great interview! Full of crazy tidbits of info... for instance did you know that Kuranosuke... was originally supposed to be a girl?
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• 8/15/2016

Princess Jellyfish Fan Art!

Let's drop some Princess Jellyfish fan art here.
Always credit the artist!
Let's start with 

Kuragehime by iloveyouwithmylife  Kuragehime by iloveyouwithmylife and
kuragehime by mementomoryo

kuragehime by mementomoryo
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• 7/24/2016

Fan Fiction

Post links and discuss Princess Jellyfish fan fictions here!
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